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Probably in the majority of cases, single digit numbers are mold numbers, merely serving to identify a particular mold, (or section/mold cavity in an automatic bottle manufacturing machine) that was used to form the bottle or other glass item.

Elvis presley and nancy sinatra dating

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Taking care of Elvis’ hair was certainly a different experience for me that night.

As always, my first obligation was to make certain Elvis’ hair looked perfect, camera-ready for his next scene.

is born in Kulm, North Dakota, into a devout Roman Catholic family, one of three girls, the others named Mary Lou and Janet.

Her father, Leo Henry Browne, and his wife operate the weekly Kulm Messenger.

The anti-war hippy counter-culture is rallying around The Beatles psychedelic opus, Sgt. But what of the man who had inspired The Beatles, and the whole white pop culture revolution, with his incendiary mid-1950’s Sun recordings: an iconic sex symbol figure that had indelibly shaped the course of mankind’s affairs in the mid-20th century. Elvis Aaron Presley is on MGM’s Culver City lot making Speedway, the twenty-eighth motion picture of his career. agent Susan Jacks, played by Nancy Sinatra, is investigating Steve Grayson. Steve Grayson sings of the joys of paying taxes and then wins a big race in order to pay off the government.

Elvis is playing Steve Grayson, “a kinda singing millionaire-playboy-race-driver.” White mini-dressed I. Between incessant amphetamine binges and re-reading The Physician’s Desk Reference and Cheiro’s Book Of Numbers, Presley spends hours ”˜dry humping’ Frank Sinatra’s daughter in his trailer.

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Priscilla made her displeasure known to Elvis, and though he pleaded his innocence, she really didn’t buy it. When Ann-Margret walked onto the back lot around eleven o’clock one evening, all eyes were instantly glued to her, including Elvis’ – he lit up like an incandescent light.The girls will appear on major NBC variety shows during the upcoming season.her constant companion is “intellectual film maker Richard Brooks.” When Brooks marries Jean Simmons, Angie starts “to play the field like a girl who was determined to not take any man seriously again.” has to star in The Bramble Bush against her will because Howard Hawks sold her contract to Warner Brothers.Had he been alive, he would no doubt have disliked his "stepmom" even more after she claimed, in a book about "the dark side of Elvis" after his death that he had shared a bed with his birth mother.It was a shocking claim, clearly aimed at selling a book and cashing in on the Presley name.John Boorman’s Point Blank and Arthur Penn’s Bonnie And Clyde capture the mood.