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For instance, what is the difference between "jdm" and "jdn"?My best guess is that they indicate the case of the object, like accusative or dative.There are toggle options for displaying bubbles for each of the available audience scopes except for /zone and /guild, as well as the option to only see the chat bubbles of those players who are known to you, either through your Contacts list or Guild rosters.Several game commands, often referred to as slash commands, are activated by being typed into the chat box.In German, the letter "w" is pronounced as a "v," as in "was" or "wehrmacht." Carry this over into your English for a significant impact.Vat this does is start to add a Germanic flavor to your speaking.When you have to convey this via writing it's even more difficult because you obviously have to type how you talk, and I know I'm not the only one who can say he's lost a significant other or two because I lapsed in my German accent during an email. Inside these pages you will learn to express your false Teutonic heritage with pride while developing fluent German language accent skills comparable to any found in a Mel Brooks movie.

Free chatrooms have a maximum of ten guests, though paid chatrooms have no limit.

These commands do not appear in the chat log of other players. For the cost of a regular teleport, characters can be teleported to the nearest wayshrine with this command.

It is useful for getting out of places that a character cannot emerge from; for example, phasing into the ground by accident.

Chatzy has a few features that make it particularly good for roleplaying.

For one, visitors can view what was recently posted, which means that if your Internet blinks for awhile you can catch up on anything you've missed.