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We study gender differences in preferences for mate characteristics such as perceived (by the opposite sex) physical attractiveness and intelligence using data from the Columbia speed dating experiment.

We have observed that the probability of a woman's positive speed dating decision rises with perceived male physical attractiveness, as well as their intelligence.

The probability of a man's positive decision rises with perceived female physical attractiveness.

However, the relationship between the probability of a man's positive speed dating decision and perceived female intelligence is non-monotonic.

He talked about how scientists study extreme weather events and his Center’s research on improving our ability to predict when thunderstorms will spawn deadly tornadoes with adequate lead times for warning people. Janice Moore, professor of Biology at Colorado State University, joined us for a special Halloween Teen Science Café all about zombies in nature!

At the end of the café we went outside to look at a “tornado pod”—a customized device used for studying the insides of tornadoes at the ground level, where they are most destructive and hazardous to people. Many parasites have evolved ways to control their hosts’ behavior, often at great expense to the host.

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Upon arrival, women attendees get padlocks and men get keys.These parasites cause zombie-like behavior in their hosts as the hosts behave in ways that encourage the spread of the parasites—sometimes these are worms and sometimes they’re infectious diseases like viruses. Karim spoke to us about her research on trilobites.We learned about some of these weird and spectacular parasites that create zombies of their hosts and how natural selection has caused these maladaptive behaviors to persist and spread. Moore’s presentation, we examined disease spread and the evolution of virulence by simulating a zombie apocalypse! Trilobites are an extinct group of marine arthropods (animals with exoskeletons and segmented bodies) that lived from the Cambrian (~ 510 million years ago) through the Permian period (~ 250 million years ago).After six weeks, 15 said they had found a sexual partner from the event while 25 said they were in a developing relationship.After one year, the number in a relationship was just 17.The optimal level of women's perceived intelligence can be found, and it depends on perceived female physical attractiveness.